Raise money for Bet Tikvah while you shop!

Bet Tikvah is a registered charity and
is affiliated to Liberal Judaism

Members and supporters can raise money for the synagogue when buying goods or services online.

All you have to do is log on to: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/

Register on the site and select 'Bet Tikvah Synagogue ' as your chosen cause.

Search for your favourite online stores - there are hundreds to choose from and go shopping!

For every order you place the synagogue will receive a donation from the store. It costs you nothing.


We are delighted to host wedding ceremonies for eligible couples, both of whom have to be Jewish. Our own marriage secretary ensures that weddings are valid in both English and Jewish law. If you are considering celebrating your special day in our synagogue, with the support of our chazan and choir, please make an appointment to see the Rabbi.

Bet Tikvah will also give a warm welcome to couples in mixed relationships within our community. Providing children are given a full Jewish education and upbringing, it is possible for them to acquire full Jewish status. Again, the Rabbi is the person whom you need to approach. He will discuss your situation with you and your partner in the strictest confidence.

It is always possible to convert to Judaism through our synagogue. Again, an interview with the Rabbi is required so that he can explain the procedure.